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Internet: P2P Net Neutrality

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Internet3 is the creation of a distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) platform using open source web technology for the acquisition, archival and delivery of Internet content to prevent censorship and to address net neutrality issues. It is an answer to the lack of information freedom in the proposed Internet2.

It was conceived to address concerns over Web sites such as Google, YouTube, and Digg tinkering with rankings, as well as government and Internet Service Providers censoring political Web content, such as Alex Jones PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com.

Internet3 includes a set of technologies which layers a bit torrent client underneath Web browsers and Web servers.


  • Decentralized Search Engine, User-Controlled Content
  • Decentralized Web Hosting, Host-Controlled Content
  • Seamless Torrent Web Browser
  • Web Interface to Bit Torrents
  • Searchable, Tagged Content
  • Ranked Content
  • Mirrored Content from P2P Networks
  • Archived Content from P2P Networks
  • RSS Feeds, Web Sites, Podcasts, Videos, Audio


  • Download Censored Content from Peers
  • Reduced Web Hosting Costs
  • Easy Mirroring
  • Easy Hosting of Search Engine

    Open Source
    Implemented using available open source technologies and made open source for easy extension.

    Initial set of technologies use an open source P2P client and Web server written in Python.

    The Web browser plug-in can either be written as an actual plug-in, like a Google search bar, or integrated as a Javascriptlet or Javascript that will be brought up by the user with a bookmark to tag a Web site or while browsing an a torrented Internet3 Web server.

    The following figure represents the overall architecture or technology framework.

    Internet3: Architecture

    Note that while browing an Internet3 Web server, the Internet3 client will download torrented content through their own Web server. Otherwise, a regular Web browser will download untorrented content.

    See the SourceForge documents link for more architecture information.

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